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4 Tips for Cooling Down Your Energy Bills

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You know August is here when temperatures are heating up and air conditioners seem to be constantly humming — and staying cool is on everyone’s mind.

But many home owners are equally concerned about how they can cut down on their energy consumption and reduce their monthly cooling bills.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has a few suggestions:

  • Clean or replace air filters in air-conditioning units to keep cool air moving and to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Have an air conditioner tune-up performed by a qualified contractor.
  • Make sure your attic, which traps a lot of hot air, is adequately insulated.
  • Replace old equipment. A new high-efficiency unit not only pares down utility bills; it can help you qualify for a federal income tax credit. But before you buy something new, do your research. ‘Often people are so desperate to replace their equipment that they don’t take the time to research the investment, locking themselves into high cooling bills and less comfort,’ says ACEEE researcher Katie Ackerly.