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Strategies to Beat the Economic Slump

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(ARA) – With high gas prices and unemployment rates soaring, we can all agree that the economy is struggling. Even in tough economic times, there are some simple things each of us can do to make a difference in our lives. Especially if questions like these are being asked:

When will prices change? Why doesn’t my job pay me more? Who is responsible for the current economic slump?

‘There are many things that happen in life that are out of our control. Instead of falling into the trap of victim thinking or playing the blame game, why not focus on the action we can take to make a difference?’ says John G. Miller, an expert on personal accountability and author of the books ‘QBQ! The Question Behind the Question’ and ‘Flipping the Switch.’

Miller says the best way for each of us to practice personal accountability during difficult times is to ask QBQs, or the ‘question behind the question.’ QBQs are questions that begin with ‘What’ or ‘How,’ contain the word ‘I,’ and focus on action. For example:

Incorrect Question: Why do gas and groceries cost so much?Correct Question: What can I do to better manage my finances?

‘After asking this question of myself, I would be able to examine my personal situation and make changes to my budget,’ says Miller. ‘I would then ask questions like: Do I have a cell phone plan that’s too big for my income? What can I do differently to save money?’

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