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Court orders Italian govt to publicize cellphone risks

ROME — A consumers’ group says an Italian tribunal has ordered a public information campaign about the possible health risks of cellular and cordless phones. The Lazio region’s administrative tribunal ruled that Italy’s health, environment and education ministries must begin … more

AP News

House Republicans question telecoms on location tracking

NEW YORK — Several House Republicans are asking T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint how they share their users’ cellphone location data, citing a recent report that telecoms are selling that information to shadowy companies without customer knowledge. The lawmakers said … more

AP News

US gambling operators have 90 days to comply with new rules

LAS VEGAS — The Department of Justice will wait 90 days to implement a legal opinion that will affect online gambling. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Tuesday issued a memo saying the delay will allow businesses to adjust their … more


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