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Can I do my own virus detection and demolition?

Ken Steele

Question: I have a virus. Can I do my own virus detection and demolition?

Answer: Yes (if you are up to the job, that is).

Note: If you are unsure of what ‘Safe Mode’ is, or how to use ‘Add or Remove Programs’, or prefer to use MLI technical support for virus scanning, please leave it to the MLI professionals. Do not attempt the following procedures at home! MLI cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages that may be encountered from use of the following instructions.

MLI uses a variety of virus scanning techniques and software to relieve computers from ‘baddies’. Offered here are a few suggestions that may assist you in do-it-yourself virus scanning. Run these in the same order as listed:

  1. Be sure that you have ONE AND ONLY ONE, currently unexpired, antivirus (A/V) program protecting the computer. Examples: AVAST, Norton, McAfee, AVG. Remove expired A/V programs using ‘Add or Remove programs’. Note: AVAST antivirus is free, effective, and available from download.com.
  2. After assuring that the A/V program has been fully updated, perform a complete system scan. It is surprising how many people have A/V software but rarely perform this scan.
  3. Place the computer in Safe Mode. Install, update and run Malwarebytes (available from download.com). Be sure to update the software!
  4. Run ComboFix (available from bleepingcomputer.com/combofix– click on English User Guide – find download link from BleepingComputer.com).
  5. Place the computer in Normal Mode. Run Microsoft One-Care (available from safety.live.com).
  6. Run ‘Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.2’ (download.com). No need to install TeaTimer.
  7. Run SuperAntiSpyware (download.com).
  8. When finished, remove programs from your computer using ‘Add or Remove Programs’. If you find these programs useful, please consider purchasing them and receiving all the associated benefits. Many problems are usually found and demolished after using this group of heavy-hitters.

Written by Ken Steele
Mother Lode Internet
Tech Support, 536-5800

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