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What are some useful keyboard shortcuts?

Question: What are some useful keyboard shortcuts?

Answer: Keep this list for reference —

  • F1: Help

    If you find yourself in a software bind, try pushing the F1 key. This
    will instantly take you to the Help menu of that program you are using.

  • CTRL+C: Copy

    If you highlight something you want to copy then hold down CTRL and tap
    C it will copy the highlighted text or picture.

  • CTRL+V: Paste

    If you have copied some information and you would like to insert or
    paste it somewhere else you hold down CTRL and tap P.

  • CTRL+Z: Undo

    If you mess up on a copy paste and you want to undo the damage then you
    should you hold down CTRL and tap Z repeatedly until you get back to the
    desired state.

  • Written by Aubrey Grissom
    Mother Lode Internet

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