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What is spell check and how can I add it to my Outlook Express?

Question: What is spell check and how can I add it to my Outlook Express email software?

Answer: Spell check is a very handy tool for those of us who have a hard time spelling words correctly. It stores a dictionary in your computer and will check for misspellings when you are typing up your composition. Now be aware that spell check not always accurate, it is possible that it may miss a word or find one that it thinks is misspelled but actually spelled correctly. If so you should have an option to add that word to the dictionary so that it does not find a problem with that word again. When sending emails, it is a good idea to run the spell checker before you send the email. By default, Outlook Express does not come with a spell checker unless you have Microsoft Word, Works, or Office installed. If you do not have any of this software installed, then you will need to get a free spell checker. I have found a free spell checker that you can install that is located here. Make sure to avoid downloading something from the advertisement and to actually get the spell checker. When click the link to download it, select Run if on a high-speed connection, and Save if on dial up. Once you have downloaded the program spell.exe, close all open programs, then open the file and proceed with the on screen prompts to install the spell checker. Once you have finished installing it, open your Outlook Express and you will now have a spell checking option when creating mail. I hope this helps you all with your misspelling issues.

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