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Software program will not uninstall

Question: I have a program that after I installed it, has been giving me errors, I have tried repairing it to no avail and now I just want to remove the whole program from my computer. All of my attempts to delete it so far have failed any advice on how to do this?

Answer: When a program won’t uninstall, it can often mean that it is either corrupted or some part of it is still running in the background. The simplest way to remove programs like that is to boot into safe-mode and attempt to remove them while the system is running at minimum resources. This is done by hitting the F8 key on your keyboard prior to Windows start up. After Windows boots into safe-mode removing it from the Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel should be possible. If it still won’t uninstall, it can indicate more serious problems, even extending into the operating system. Under those circumstances it is best to take your system into a professional as it may require Windows repair or, worst case scenario, a wipe and restoration of the HDD. Our Mother Lode Internet Network Services Division can take care of any such hardware or software issues.

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