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Why is my computer so SLOW?! Part 1-Viruses

Question: Why is my computer so SLOW?!

Answer: Have you asked yourself this question? I’m going to give you a few tips that you can use to determine what might be done to solve the never-ending quest to make your computer faster (besides buying a new one!).

Let’s begin with starting your computer. Does it take more than five minutes? Ten? How about when you double-click or load any program like Internet Explorer (the big blue ‘E’)? Do you remember how fast it was when you first got it? Those were the good old days… If this process takes longer than five minutes, you may have:

Part 1.

VIRUSES – Any site or computer can be infected, and nothing can protect you 100%.

  1. Antivirus Programs – Make sure you have an antivirus program that is up-to-date. If you have Norton or McAfee on your computer, but haven’t paid them within the past six months to a year-it has EXPIRED and you are no longer protected! There are FREE antivirus programs that are just as effective as paid ones. It’s a good idea to schedule automatic scans at least once a week.
  2. Windows Updates – If you picture the information on your computer behind a brick wall, this wall would be your Windows. The wall has bricks missing, and at least once every week or two Microsoft sends updates to your computer which fill in the missing brick-holes. It is imperative to do so because every one of these holes is a way that viruses and spyware can get into your computer!
  3. If you’re a customer of Mother Lode Internet, you can bring your computer in to us and we’ll clean it for you, free of charge! We’ll make sure there are no viruses, update your Windows, and install a free antivirus program on your computer.

Written By Jameson Hightower
Mother Lode Internet
Technical Support Team

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