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My signature is double spaced

Question: When I send an email in Microsoft Outlook, my signature is double spaced, how can I fix it so that it is single spaced?


First, open your Microsoft Outlook software. Next click on the Tools menu which is found to the right of File, Edit, View, and Favorites. From the Tools menu click Options. After that click on the tab labeled Mail Format. From there click the button labeled Signatures. In the Signatures window you will want to select your signature (if you have more than one click the signature that has the double space issue) and click Edit button. This next part is where we will actually fix the signature. On the first line of your signature, click your cursor at the end of the line and then press Delete on your keyboard. It will bring the next line of your signature up to the first line, then press Shift-Enter. Go down to the next line, put your cursor at the end of the line, press Delete on your keyboard again and then Shift-Enter. Do this for each line of your signature including the last line. Once you have finished that click Ok, then click Ok, then click Ok again, then send yourself an email to confirm that it is working properly.

Written By Matt Van Arsdel
Mother Lode Internet
Technical Support Team

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