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How do I register on so that I can place an ad?

Question: How do I register on so that I can place an ad?

Answer: If you want to place an ad in the Classified section of, the first thing you will need to do is register your user account. First, go to, and then select Place An Ad under the Classifieds on the column found on the left side of the page. Next you will select what category you would like to place your ad in. You will now need to click “Register For An Account” link found in the middle of the page. Fill in the first six fields as those are required, you may fill in the rest if you feel up to it. Once you have finished filling in the necessary information, select the Submit Information button, then click on the Return to Logon Screen button, and fill in your user name and password that you just recently created. Now that you are logged in you can start entering your advertisement.

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