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Protect Yourself Against the Heartbleed Bug: Change Your Passwords!

Protect yourself against the Heartbleed bug: change your passwords!

Early this week a severe vulnerability in OpenSSL known as the Heartbleed bug was announced. Mother Lode Internet (MLI) is joining many other providers and recommending that you change your passwords for each of your online services.  This is important for high value accounts like banking and finance or other accounts that protect your personal information and data.  Do not forget to change your ISP and email account passwords!  These are especially important since access to your email account can be used to gain access into most of your online services.

We do not have any reason to believe that we, or any of our users, were targeted.  However, this attack was undetectable and the cautious response is to assume that sensitive information has been leaked.

Customers may change their passwords in membertools using the password tool.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please post them in our forums.

Using unique passwords for each of your online accounts is very important, and we recommend you use a password management applications, such as: