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How can I protect my system from electrical blackout damage?

Question: How can I protect my system from electrical blackout damage?

Answer: Aside from the major frustration and annoyance of losing data from a surprise blackout in mid composition, the sudden loss of electrical power to a computer or other electronic device can cause damage to the sensitive microcircuits and processors used inside such devices. To counter such hazards electronics manufacturers have come up with the Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS for short, the UPS is essentially a durge protector with a constantly recharging battery backup power supply which supplies electrical power to a plugged in device for a short period of time, usually long enough to save information and safely power down the device to prevent damage. Depending on how much you want to invest in such a device, they typically come with different features such as power supply monitoring, a software graphic interface to let you monitor from the computer as you work on it. Remember that these are not replacements for electrical outlet power, but rather a short term supply to allow you to shut down your computer or other sensitive electronics.

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