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Programs written for older operating systems don’t always work on a newer system

Question: Usually, most programs written for older operating systems will work on a newer system, Of course there are exceptions to every rule so you want to check the program specifics before installing the same applies to hardware (scanner, printer, etc). As far as backing up data or transferring the information you have on the old computer it can be done, usually by either saving the information to disks or by directly transferring the information between the two computers (something we would advise seeing a computer technician on how to do). Either way , most of the time any of the programs you may have on your computer currently have newer revisions on the new computers (MS Office, Works , Outlook express) so it is just a matter of transferring the saved information to the new computer.

Answer: It sounds like you have whats called a webpage hijacker on your computer caused by spyware and certain viruses. Unfortunately with this particular problem, most of the time there is no easy quick fix to repair it and your computer will most likely need to be brought to a computer technician to remove this pesky problem. Customers of Mother Lode Internet can have this service performed in the office as a free courtesy. But any qualified computer repair technician should be able to assist you.

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