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Will a new graphics card improve my computers performance?

Question: Will a new graphics card improve my computers performance?

Answer: This is dependant on various factors. First, what you are using your graphics card for? For instance, basic computer operations like internet and productivity won’t really be affected by updating a video card. However, gaming or any program heavily weighted to media can be helped with a better video card. The other factor that can affect a video cards performance is the current hardware configuration you have. For instance, programs or games with high graphics demands will also demand a lot from the CPU and RAM. So if other areas of your computer are sluggish, a graphics card won’t necessarily improve the performance. If you do decide to get a graphics card, keep in mind that you must get the correct interface with your computer. The most common are AGP or PCIx (PCI Express). Make sure that your motherboard can support the card you decide to get.

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