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Missing or misplaced buttons after upgrade to Internet Explorer 7

Question: I have just upgraded my Internet Explorer to version 7, now some of my buttons are missing or in different locations.

Answer: After upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, you may notice that the visual layout is different some things that you were used to are now hard to find, such as the Menu tool bar, Address bar, Favorites button, and Search button. The Menu bar that normally has File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help is missing from the top of the screen. What you can do to restore the menu bar is left click on the Tools button, which looks like a gear, and then select Menu Bar. If you are unable to find the Tools button, you can also right click on the gray background in the tool bars area and then left click on Menu Bar. This will bring back the Menu Bar. Some other changes to Internet Explorer that you may want to make note of is that the Address Bar has been moved to very top of the window next to the Back and Forward buttons and it no longer is labeled Address. There is also a Search bar to the right of the Address bar; this has replaced the Search button that you formerly had to select. If you are currently not displaying the Menu bar you may find it difficult to locate your Favorites, which used to be a button in the tool bars. The item that you are looking for is a yellow star shaped button; this will access your favorites. To the right of the favorites button is a yellow star with a green plus sign; you can select this button to add whatever web page you are viewing to your favorites list. These are just some of the changes made in Internet Explorer 7, remember if you don’t like it you can always go back to the previous version.

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