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Do you love your Microsoft Vista?

b Do you love your Microsoft Vista?

Answer: Are you looking for your next computer but had heard Vista (which has been on the market for a few years now) was a less than stellar product? Should you wait for Windows-7 (expected to ship within a few weeks or months)? Well, here are some thoughts on the subject:

Unless I must switch operating systems, I will wait for 6 months to a year before installing a new operating system (such as Windows-7). Why? There are so many new and exciting features of any previously unknown operating system; so may, in fact, that there will most likely be many ‘bugs’ that will need to be ironed out before the product is deemed reliable.

Vista went through the same ‘breaking-in’ period and, as a result, caused the early users to have a rather negative experience with the new (at the time) product. As Microsoft issued (and continues to issue) Windows Vista Updates, the operating system became more reliable to the point that there is no longer the rash of disgusted users that abounded in the early times. The problem is that the early birds continue to criticize Vista – so much so that those who have never used Vista are already predisposed to think of Vista as problematic.

Vista is not so problematic anymore – at least, if you make sure that Microsoft Automatic Updates are enabled, and you leave the computer on so it will accept updates without operator intervention. With the exception of an ever-annoying ‘User Account Control’ function that requires the computer user’s OK for many computer-related changes, Vista is actually a very workable system.

Currently, I would recommend the Vista operating system and would not place it on the do-not-use list. As I do, if you keep the operating system up-to-date with Microsoft Automatic Updates, you should have a positive experience with your Vista computer.

When Windows-7 appears, it may be advisable to wait and let the product smooth itself out for a few months before taking the plunge!

Do you remember the switch from Windows XP to Vista? How about Windows 98 to XP? The moral of the story – History does repeat itself. So, do not move too quickly, and be calmed with products that have been out a while. Let someone else take the punches so you don’t have to!

Happy computing.

Written by Ken Steele
Mother Lode Internet Tech Support

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