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How can I keep my laptop from overheating?

Question: How can I keep my laptop from overheating?

Answer: Turn your laptop off if it overheats. Let it have some time to cool down. If you feel the underside and it feels really hot it is time to give it a break.

Always set your laptop on a flat surface. The rubber feet on the bottom are designed to elevate and allow airflow for cooling.

Turn off your laptop before putting it into its case. Although it is convenient to simply take it out and start working but the case can act as insulation. This can overheat your laptop and cause damage to the hardware.

Finally make sure you unplug your charger as soon as your battery is charged. A common mistake people make is leaving their laptop plugged in all the time. The constant electricity will heat your battery and that will heat your laptop.

Written by Aubrey Grissom
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