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What kind of security is needed if I am using a wireless router?

Question: What kind of security is needed if I am using a wireless router?

Answer: In this day and age it’s all about wireless connectivity, from cell phones to laptops to video game consoles. Some components such as video game consoles or laptops can connect to your wireless network, and then get access to the Internet through your wireless router. Your wireless router will need to be configured so that your wireless network is locked and only those with a key can use it. This will help against potential attacks, whether they are from someone trying to use their laptop to borrow your internet access or trying to plant a virus in your computer that could steal your identity. The two main ways to secure your wireless network is to set a WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) key. WEP is the older method for protection that is now less secure than WPA. WPA is the new security standard and if you are setting up a wireless network, it is recommended that you use WPA protection as opposed to WEP. If you are setting up multiple wireless devices, they all must be setup as either WEP or WPA or else it will not work with your wireless network.

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