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Keyboard shortcuts for getting around without a mouse

Question: What are some keyboard shortcuts that I can use to get me around my computer without a mouse?

Answer: Keyboard shortcuts are available to save time from moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse. Here are some of the more common keyboard shortcuts:

Windows system key commands
F1 Opens the help window, may work in software environment as well as Windows environment.
Alt + F4 Close the program that is currently open or if no programs are open then it will bring up the Turn Off Computer window to Stand By, Turn Off, or Restart the computer.
Alt + Tab Switch between programs, hold Shift as well to switch between programs in backwards order.
Alt + Enter Display the properties of the selected object.
Ctrl + Esc Opens the Start menu.
Windows key + E Opens Explorer.
Windows key + F Opens the Search.
Windows key + D Minimizes all windows, press again to restore all windows.
Windows key + R Opens the Run dialog box.
Windows key + L Locks Windows requiring password to unlock.

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