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My hard drive is almost full – how do I create more space?

Question: My hard drive is almost full. What are some things that I can do to create more space?

Answer: Due to the computer becoming more versatile and some times even central to home media, more and more computers are getting filled with music and video files. Additionally, many computers come bundled with dozens of programs that are often unnecessary. These factors make having adequate storage space very difficult. Some basic ways to create more space on a Windows-based system is to delete your ‘Temporary Internet Files’ as well as everything out of the ‘C:/temp’ file. You can also go through your ‘Add/Remove Programs’ list found in the ‘Control Panel’ and delete unwanted programs. When removing programs, be careful not to remove something necessary for your computers operation. If you have done these things and are still short of space, you may want to consider adding a second hard drive. Most computers come with expansion bays to add more storage. Additionally, prices on large hard drives continue to drop. So if you use your computer for music and movies, adding a second hard drive might be the best solution.

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