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Finding photo software that will work for various cameras

Question: I want to download photos to my computer from various different cameras… do I need to have a special photo software for each camera I have or can I find one that will work with all of them?

Answer: While all photo software will for the most part be very similar, drivers for connecting cameras are different. Anytime you connect any new hardware to a computer, a driver has to be installed to allow the computer and the hardware to talk to each other. If you have an older computer, undoubtedly software will need to be installed. However, with newer computers and cameras, the connection can be seamless. When you plug your camera into the USB port on your computer a pop-up will come up and tell you that it was either successfully installed or that it was unable to find a driver. Depending on the camera, you may have to install the software suite in order to proceed. Another alternative is a memory card reader. If your camera make use of a memory card you can use a card reader to view the camera’s data as another hard drive. This is a very easy way to access any camera that uses flash memory.

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