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I now have DSL/High speed but my browser tries to connect with dial up

Question: I have DSL/High speed service but recently, every time I open my internet browser, it tries to connect with a dial up connection, I don’t want to use dial up, what is going on and how do I fix this?

Answer: More than likely, your system has reverted back to a default windows setting that is instructing your computer to attempt to connect to the internet via your old dial up connection, this is understandably frustrating but can be easily remedied with relatively little time. For most windows operating systems you need to access the Internet Options panel thru Start, then control panel (note: some versions of windows will have Settings, then control panel) once control panel opens click on Internet Options. From there click on the Connections tab. Once in this screen you will see three sets of dots towards the bottom middle of the screen. These options are Never Dial a connection, Dial whenever a network Connection is unavailable and Always Dial My default connection, click on the circle next to Never dial a connection and click Ok , this should disable the dialer from creating a connection.

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