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I have DSL – how how do I set up a wireless network?

Question: I have heard so much about wireless networks, I have DSL, now how do I make it wireless?

Answer: Once the sole area of large corporate office networks, wireless has grown into the home network field. With a great deal of consumer level laptop computers being manufactured with built-in wireless capabilities, much attention has been given to wireless home networks. Essentially wireless turns your existing hard-wired DSL connection into a wireless signal that allows you to use the internet and access any other computers on the network from almost anywhere in your home, this is a relatively simple procedure to accomplish. First, you will need to purchase a wireless router. These can be purchased at most department stores with an electronics department, where you will want to ask for a wireless router. Common brands that are carried are Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, and D-Link and are usually priced reasonably from 49-99 dollars. Once you have purchased one of these devices, installation is usually accomplished by following the installation cd-rom that accompanies most routers. If you run into problems or difficulties your ISP may be able to help, and most router manufacturers have technical support available to assist you in setting up. From there you will want to set up your network with security features such as WEP and ESSID, which will be discussed in another article.

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