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How do I display a signature automatically in my Outlook Express e-mails?

Question: When I am sending an email in Outlook Express, how do I have it display a signature automatically?

Answer: In Outlook Express, you can have it automatically add a signature when sending, replying and forwarding emails so that you do not need to type in your own signature each time. To add a signature in Outlook Express, go to Tools and select Options. Select the Signatures tab, then select the check box “Add a signature to all outgoing messages”. The check box below, “Do not add a signature to Replies and Forwards” can be selected if you do not want a signature added when replying or forwarding an email. Next you will need to create a signature. Select the New button, then your cursor will be moved to the Edit Signature text box. Now type in your signature that you would like to be displayed. If you plan on using multiple signatures, you may want to name each of them by selecting the Signature then selecting the Rename button. Once you have completed your signature, press the OK button to save your changes. Now it would be a good idea to send an email (even to yourself) to make sure that Outlook Express is applying your signature correctly.

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