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The difference between backspace and delete and other keys on your keyboard

Question: What is the difference between backspace and delete? What do some of these other keys do?

Answer: Before you can understand what the Backspace and Delete keys do, first you will need to know where your keyboard cursor is located. When you are typing in a word processor or a text field in your web browser you will notice a tall blinking line. That is your keyboard cursor. When you are typing, the cursor lets you know that is where you will be placing your letters as you press them on the keyboard. If you make a mistake there are two ways to delete the incorrect characters by using the keyboard. If the mistake is to the left of the cursor, use the Backspace key, as that will start deleting characters on the left side. If the incorrect characters on the right side of the cursor, then you will use the Delete key, as that will delete characters on the right side. Some of the other keys that you may want to know about are Insert, Home, and End. By default, Insert tells the computer that when you are typing that you will insert characters where the cursor is at and push any other characters that are ahead of the cursor. If you place the cursor at the beginning of a sentence already typed and press Insert, when you start typing it will overwrite what you have already typed. If you see this happening, then just press Insert again on the keyboard and it should resolve that problem. Home and End are useful keys when editing your document; they will simply take your cursor to the beginning or end of the line or text box.

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