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How do I create separate identities for my Email?

Question: How do I create separate identities for my Email.

Answer: In older versions of Windows such as 98, Me, 2000, and XP which all featured Outlook Express 6, this is a relatively easy task to complete. First, click on “file” which is in the upper left hand corner of Outlook Express next click on “identities”. Next, choose the option for “add new identity” and give it a suitable personal name for identification. Once these steps have been followed it is simply a matter of switching over to that identity and setting up the mail account from the tools option. A note of caution , as the new Windows Vista version does not have a version of outlook express, featuring Windows Mail which does not feature support or software for multiple identities In this case it is recommended that you download and install a third party email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird for multiple identity support.

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