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What is Bluetooth and how can I use it?

Question: What is Bluetooth and how can I use it?

Answer: Bluetooth is a wireless standard that enables connection of devices over a short distance. Because of its low power consumption it is an ideal solution for small devices that don’t require large amounts of power. This allows things like headsets, keyboards, mice, game controllers, cell phones and other peripherals to connect to each other without any wires whatsoever. Whereas Wi-Fi has more bandwidth and range, it is also consumes much more power making it prohibitive for small devices and eliminates the option of working off batteries alone. Additionally Bluetooth is very user-friendly allowing connections to be set up very quickly and easily. Overall Bluetooth is ideally suited for eliminating wires between cell phones and headsets, computers and keyboards and other low bandwidth connections. Allowing data rates of approximately 3.0 mbps, Bluetooth is by no means the best way to transfer large amounts of data. However, it certainly does simplify the computer area, as well as cell phone usage.

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