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Arranging a disorganized Start Menu

Question: My start menu on my computer is very disorganized and I would like to rearrange it, how would I do that?

Answer: There are a few different ways to rearrange the start menu. First what you can do is sort it alphabetically. To do so, first click the Start button, then go to Programs, then right click on any program in that menu and select Sort By Name. This will sort your start menu by placing folders first then programs second; each section will be alphabetized. If you would like to rearrange the order of the programs listed there, you can use a lovely feature known as Drag and Drop. Drag and Drop is a very easy to use feature that is found in Windows, Macintoshes, and even on some web pages that you can customize for yourself. To use it, simply place your mouse cursor over what you want to move the press the left mouse button down and hold it. While holding it, drag the item you are moving to the location you want to move to and then when it is in the desired location, release the mouse button and it should be dropped there. You can also go to the Windows Explorer to rearrange the Start Menu Program items, to get there right click on the Start button and select Explore. The difference between Explore and Explore All Users is that if you have multiple user accounts on the computer, Explore All Users will change the order on each user account. Once you have opened the Windows Explorer, you will see all of your Start Menu items there in individual folders and / or shortcuts. You can create new folders and remove ones that are not needed. What I did with my computer is first I made a couple main folders like Utilities, Games, Media Players, and Miscellaneous. Then I went through each folder and dumped all of the useless junk such as “So n Sew Uninstaller” and “So n Sew Readme” by deleting it. I took the remaining shortcut and put that in the appropriate folder. Once I was done I had a nice organized Start Menu and the best thing is that I knew where everything was at as it was easier to find.

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