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A Letter To Rep. McClintock

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A Letter from Larry Jobe of Groveland

Rep. McClintock – It’s time for you and the Republican party to represent this great nation and her people, not parrot the agenda of someone who has trouble with honesty and integrity.  A little independent thought and action on your part is sorely need and called for.  There are reckless forces in play in our Congress.  Attempts to de-fund or repeal the ACA without a good alternative in place means many people will simply lose insurance and many more will not be able to get it.  What about the important “pre-existing conditions” issue so important to those of us under 65 or wanting to move jobs? What about keeping our kids insured while in school/college?  What about continuing physical and mental health support for our veterans?  After six years of trying to destroy the very important piece of legislation the Republican party has yet to even offer the slightest glimpse of an alternative plan.

Regarding the EPA, one doesn’t have to be a tree hugger (I am a tree lover) to appreciate the role of the EPA in keeping pollutants out of the water and air.  These are not “state” issues, as some of your colleagues would like us to believe – they are country and planet-wide issues, and affect each and every one of us.  I am old enough to remember the Cayuga river in Cleveland, Ohio on fire due to industrial pollution, the Detroit river as the most polluted river in the world due to industrial pollution, and we all know about Flint, Michigan.   The Republican party’s idea of leaving the protection of our globe up to private industry has proven to be a very bad decision in the past and there is no reason to believe it will not be in the future.

The list goes on and on.  We the People: Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, are listening to and watching you.  I hope you’ll show some leadership in opposing some of the more outrageous proposals currently before us, and instead propose and support more nuanced, balanced solutions to the serious problems we face.
The level of integrity coming out of Washington is at an all-time low and your depiction of the Roseville Town hall meeting is troubling and causes me to wonder just how much faith we can put in what you say.

Larry Jobe, Groveland