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Braised Beef Short Ribs

  • Category: recipe_beef, recipe_main_dish
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  • Town/State: Sonora, CA
  • Preparation Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Cooking time: 3 hours

For a can’t-miss meal, go with an easy yet impressive dish, like braised beef short ribs. Simple to prepare and delicious, one-pot short ribs require minimal fuss and cleanup and will leave your guests impressed. A bottle of Louis M. Martini 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect match.

Amount Measure Ingredients
1 regular bay leaf
2 Tbsp coarse sea salt
3   fresh rosemary sprigs
2 tsp fresh sage leaves
    Freshly ground pepper
4 1/2 pounds beef short ribs, well trimmed
1/2 cup cup corn or grape seed oil
4 cups beef broth, divided
4 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, plus additional for potatoes
2 cups chopped onion
1 1/2 cups finely chopped carrots
1 1/2 cups finely chopped celery
1/4 cup tomato paste
1 750-ml bottle bold red wine, such as Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon
6 to 8 large white-skinned potatoes

To prepare:

Grind together the bay leaf, sea salt, rosemary and sage. Sprinkle ribs with pepper and 3 1/2 teaspoons of the herb-salt mixture.

Heat 1/2 cup oil in heavy large pot over high heat. Working in batches, add beef and brown well, turning occasionally, about eight minutes per batch. Using tongs, transfer beef to large bowl.

Pour off oil from pot. Add 1 cup broth to drippings in pot and bring to boil, scraping up any browned bits. Pour deglazed pan juices into small bowl.

Heat 4 tablespoons oil in same pot over medium-high heat. Add onion, carrots, and celery; saute until beginning to brown, about 12 minutes. Add tomato paste and saute two minutes. Add deglazed pan juices and bring to simmer. Return beef and any accumulated juices to pot. Add wine and remaining 3 cups broth and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low.

Season with pepper. Cover and cook until beef is very tender, stirring occasionally, about two to three hours. About one hour prior to being done, place potatoes in the pot and mix well.

When done, spoon off any extra fat from surface.

Serve short ribs and vegetables in individual bowls, with glasses of Louis M. Martini 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.