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The Call of the Wild

call of the wildAs in the book The Call of the Wild, the 140-pound St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix named Buck is loyal although disruptive and eventually ends up as a member of a dog sled team. He is sold by those owners and his next masters are a trio Americans in search of Yukon gold. Hal (Dan Stevens), his sister Mercedes (Karen Gillan), and her husband Charles (Colin Woodell), abuse their dogs. Outdoorsman John Thornton (Harrison Ford) narrates Buck’s adventures and rescue. PG, 100 min. Click here to view trailer.

“Disney’s adaptation of the classic Jack London adventure, starring Harrison Ford and a pack of CGI critters, is enjoyably corny” -The Guardian –Peter Bradshaw

“A stronger focus on story and tone and less reliance on the marvels of CGI might have made this latest version of “The Call of the Wild” a more fruitful experience.” – ReelViews –James Berardinelli