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In the near future (2029) a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His attempt to hide from the outside world gets upended when X introduces him to a young mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen). No new mutants have been born in 25 years and Mutant-kind has been all-but-eradicated except for the girl, Professor X, Wolverine, and the bald-headed tracker Caliban (Stephen Merchant), there may be none left. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her. This is the ninth film focused on X-Men characters, and the end of the trilogy focused on Wolverine but the movie is designed as a stand-alone.

“This is like no superhero movie we have ever before seen. Nor is there likely to be another one of this sort anytime soon.” -James Berardinelli –ReelViews

“A fine meld of Great Plains Americana, noir and comics-based superheroics” –The Hollywood Reporter