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Faith of Our Fathers

Two strangers form a bond when they discover a series of notes their fathers wrote to each other during their time serving in Vietnam. It’s 1997 when a Midwestern churchgoer named John Paul George (Kevin Downes) flies down to Mississippi to meet with Eddie Adams, an old Vietnam War buddy of his late father, Steven. Instead, John Paul finds himself face to face with Eddie’s son, Wayne (David A.R. White), an ornery skeptic who initially refuses to answer his questions about the friendship between their respective dads, but then impulsively drags this visitor along on a road trip to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Directed by Carey Scott

“This drama of friendship and wartime remembrance is another dubious cinematic sermon from the outfit behind ‘God’s Not Dead.'” –Variety –Justin Chang

“A laudable message falls victim to amateurish cinematic execution.” –The Hollywood Reporter –Frank Scheck