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Set in 1800s England, the well-meaning but selfish Emma is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Bill Nighy is Emma’s protective father, Mr. Woodhouse, Mia Goth stands out as Harriet Smith, the orphaned friend who idolizes Emma, and takes her snobbish advice that she can do better than to marry the tenant farmer she loves. Emma wants Harriet to marry Mr. Elton, the minister played by Josh O’Connor. Miranda Hart is the busybody Miss Bates, whom Emma thoughtlessly mocks. New to online streaming websites.

“An opportunity to affirm that there’s still room for Regency/Georgian romantic comedies in today’s spectacle-oriented industry.” -James Berardinelli –Reelviews

“No surprises, but has a soothing charm.” Caryn James –The Hollywood Reporter

“Anya Taylor-Joy revels in the role of the handsome, clever heroine with a sadistic streak in this amiable adaptation of Jane Austen’s great romcom” -Peter Bradshaw –The Guardian