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Ponderosa Hills Check In

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Date(s) - 04/01/2020 - 04/15/2020
8:00 pm

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Every night at 8:00 PM sharp, everyone in Ponderosa Hills has been coming out and making a ton of noise to make sure we’re all okay during these hard times! Howls, car horns, instruments, pots and pans; make a ton of noise!
I really encourage everyone to try out this idea with your neighbors. It’s so, so much fun! It only lasts a couple of minutes, and it really lightens up the mood. It’d be really cool to see everyone in the county try this idea. Like I said, I think plenty of people would find enjoyment in this. I know I do!
I got out an old pan and wooden spoon and was having so much fun, I didn’t even notice I broke my wooden spoon in half! Haha.
I hope you’re all doing good during these difficult and trying times. Stay safe everyone. Blessed be.
Update: A lot of people have also been doing 7PM (like in NYC) because that’s when health care workers shift change. So, do whatever works best for you!

Final update: This is a nightly event that’s happening all over the country! Please remember to be respectful and don’t go overkill. The noise really should only last a minute or two long, this isn’t an all-night deal. Have fun! But also be respectful.