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Fountainview Academy Presents “What Can I Give Him” – A Free Christmas Concert

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Date(s) - 12/13/2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Sonora Seventh Day Adventist Church


World-class Youth Orchestra & Choir to Visit Sonora on December 13th

Christmas is often thought of as the happiest time of the year, but for whatever circumstances, the season can find some of us feeling lonely, sad or bitter. Such was the case for Steve. He was on a journey across the state of Oregon and stopped for lunch at a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. As he was getting his food, he heard a melodious song coming from the dining room – a group of high school students were singing for the restaurant kitchen staff. Curious, yet encouraged by the music, he approached one of the young ladies he’d seen singing and expressed how much he had enjoyed it.
“We like to sing for the staff of the places we eat. We think it’s a small way we can thank them for their hard work” the girl explained. Steve thanked her again and took his plate to an empty table, happier for hearing their song.
A few moments later, the same girl approached him with a friend. “We wanted to let you know that we will be doing a full concert this evening in town and we’d like to specially invite you. It’s at 7pm.”
“I would love to come! If one song can be so encouraging, why not a whole concert!”  Steve went on to share with the girls that he had been feeling depressed lately, but their smiling faces had lifted his spirits.
That evening as the girls prepared to perform, Steve approached them. He had come and brought a friend with him. The girls led them to empty seats near the front of the concert hall.
After the concert was finished, Steve told the girls: “Meeting you all at Sweet Tomatoes was no coincidence. My friend and I felt compelled to come to the concert tonight. You kids are different from any teenagers I’ve ever known and you have no idea how much you have encouraged me tonight. I have been feeling very depressed and was contemplating taking my life but tonight I have decided not to commit suicide. I saw so much joy in you all and because of this I know that life is worth living.”
Steve is not the only one whose life has been touched by the music and smiles of Fountainview Academy Orchestra & Singers. Each year they tour the West Coast bringing Christmas happiness and encouragement to everyone they meet, and once again, they will be performing in Sonora this season. Whether you are happy and excited for this Christmas or if you are feeling lonely or sad, this concert is for everyone. Join this world-class high-school choir & orchestra for a program of classic carols, soaring anthems, and soothing lullabies and be encouraged by the smiles and joy of the young musicians.

December 13th, 7pm at the Discover Life Seventh-day Adventist Church

No tickets required!