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Winter Preparation

The weather was so perfect last Saturday I was out enjoying some really great events. I missed the Calaveras grape stomp, Columbia "Bango" Contest, Oktoberfest celebration but I made it up Old Priest’s grade to Groveland for Living History Day at the Groveland Museum by Southern Tuolumne County Historical Society.

There was so much to do from grinding wheat, churning butter, pressing apples for cider, making candles, spinning and weaving, using a washboard to wash clothes… I am glad I don’t have to work that hard for the basics. The kids had a great time but like the ant and the grasshopper the storms this week reminded me of other necessary basics: winter preparation.

Here is my list of things check off before winter weather really sets in:

After the "chores" are done there are plenty of great distractions. myMotherLode’s event calendar is full of many weekend activities and you are welcome to submit your activity here.