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Weekend Train Ride

Last weekend was Railtown 1897 State Historic Park’s Free Train Ride Weekend.
Calaveras, Mariposa and Tuolumne County Residents rode free all weekend. Roundhouse tours were informative, early birds (7:00AM) got to watch as the crews lit the fire and prepared the locomotive for the day.

The first, second and third train departures were plenty full and the mood of the crowd was festive. I rode the second train which announced with several whistles the Morse Code for “Q” we were informed that it meant there was a Queen on board. My kids were very excited to ride and had a wonderful time.

Engine #3 performed quite well taking us out to the quarry and back. The locomotive’s restoration was achieved through a partnership between the California State Railroad Museum Foundation and California State Parks, and was generously supported by several grants and private donations.

As reported March 17th on the KVML “Newsmaker of the Day

The Jamestown Planning Commission also envisions a pleasant connection from downtown Jamestown to Railtown 1897 State Park.

Jim O’Neil, Commissioner with the Jamestown Planning Commission, said:

“In Phase III, we would like to create pathways by improving, repairing and repaving the sidewalks along Willow and Seco streets, ” O’Neil explained, “The utilities will be placed underground and we’ll put new 16 foot lighting posts along the corridors, which will be capable of holding signs leading people to downtown from Railtown, and vice versa.”

Good luck to all, and may everyone get a chance to enjoy Railtown!