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Get Water Flowing Again

Washington, D.C. – Representative Jeff Denham, member of the House Natural Resources’ Water and Power Subcommittee, discussed our nation’s struggling economy and the importance of using our natural resources to put Americans back to work at a legislative hearing on the San Joaquin Water Reliability Act today. In the Central Valley, water is our natural resource. We must restore water to the Central Valley in order to put people back to work. Rep. Denham is working hard as part of the Natural Resources Committee to find workable solutions for all water users in California and he has introduced legislation to do so. Watch the clip below:
Denham: We must utilize our natural resources to get people in the Central Valley back to work.

Denham: “Putting Americans back to work should be our number one priority… if we’re going to put people back to work we have got to get water flowing again”

Denham: “Our great nation’s economy continues to struggle and the best opportunity we have to put American’s back to work is utilizing our natural resources-now whether that is oil in the gulf, or coal, or timber-putting American back to work should be our #1 priority.

In California’s Central Valley our natural resource is water. If we are going to put people back to work we have to get water flowing again.

I would like to invite the president on his next trip to California to actually visit the Central Valley. Mr. Secretary Laird, I would like to invite you as well.

When you go to cities like Mendota where you see 44% unemployment the best way to put Americans back to work is to get our water and farming moving again. When you look the people in the eyes that work those food lines and talk to them-and realize that you are putting Americans out of work, I think that the solution will be very very clear.”

Denham: “Let me be clear – I am here to find workable solutions for all water users in California. To that end, my colleagues and I have introduced a number of measures to do so, including the bill before us today. It is time for government to act and if they won’t lead, Congress intends to show them a new way.”

Background: Rep. Denham’s district is also facing unemployment rates as high as 18.4% in Fresno County, 17.2% in Madera County and 18.4% in Stanislaus County. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Full Transcript of Representative Jeff Denham Statement From Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1837: