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Fall is approaching and hopefully the smoke is clearing. There is no better time to reignite your pursuit of health and physical happiness than October. Join Tuolumne County on October 4th at NOON for WALKTOBER and kick-off a month of healthy activities.
WALKTOBER is a call to the county to get up, get out and get fit. All it takes is 15 minutes and some comfortable shoes. No equipment necessary!
Why noon? We hope that this walk is a first step toward a new healthy habit – the walking lunch. There are many benefits to taking a walk break in the middle of your day.

  • You consume less calories and burn more calories by trading some eating time for moving time.
  • Getting outside for a few minutes boosts your vitamin D.
  • Fresh air and exercise clears your head, decreases stress, and makes for a more efficient, -productive afternoon at work.
  • Studies have shown that walking after a meal can help control blood sugar levels.
  • Stepping away from the computer screen gives your eyes a much needed break.
  • Standing and walking helps alleviate the problems caused by prolonged sitting, such as lower back pain, hip tightness and negative impact on your cardiovascular system.
  • Walking with friends or coworkers encourages social connections.
  • Walking doesn’t require a change of clothes or a shower.

So grab your tennis shoes and get outside! You will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready for the afternoon. All over Tuolumne County groups, organizations, businesses, schools, agencies and friends will be getting together and walking at noon.

Join a group at Sonora Regional Medical Center, Courthouse Park, your child’s school, or simply grab a co-worker or friend and head outside. All walkers will receive a Walktober wristband to share their success and remind them to walk for lunch!

For more information please contact Toni Combs at 209-536-2009.

If you are walking on your own or creating a group please contact Toni to get your wristband.

Walktober is sponsored by Fit for the Future, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office, Sonora Regional Medical Center, and Tuolumne County Public Health.


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