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Vacation Station

The Tuolumne County Visitor’s Bureau has a number of objectives in promoting tourism. They include creating awareness, attracting visitors to visit the area, to encourage longer stays and repeat visits and of course, to provide assistance and ideas on what to do when they’re here.

Some visitors like to prepare their itinerary well in advance and know exactly what they want to do every day. Many, however prefer just “winging it” and making decisions about where to stay, what to do, where to eat and so on, after they arrive.

For some time we operated two locations to aid visitors: Our main office on Stockton Rd opposite the Fairgrounds and our office in Chinese Camp to attract visitors heading directly to Yosemite. The Chinese Camp office replaced our location at Yosemite Junction when it was no longer available. We also support the Ranger Program at the Visitor Center – Chamber of Commerce office in Groveland.

What’s been missing was a location in the heart of Sonora that would attract pedestrians as well as motorists in the busiest area of the county. That’s all changed with the opening of the Vacation Station in Day-O Plaza at 385 S. Washington St.. Open 7 days a week, our newest location is the only one in the heart of town and the only one with lodging, dining and entertainment all within walking distance.

If you haven’t been into our newest facility, check it out when your in downtown Sonora. We’ve added a lot of new merchandise and items for sale there in addition to the brochures and materials we offer at our other locations. It’s another way for us to reach visitors and make their trip that much better.