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Tuolumne County is Special

When you take a moment and step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is interesting to take note as to what makes Tuolumne County special.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to a number of visitors from outside our county, and as far away as from Switzerland, while sitting around a campfire on a beautiful late summer evening. I asked the question as to what were their impressions of Tuolumne County from an unbiased view. Immediately, I heard comments from individuals as to how much they enjoy the gold-rush experience and how the natural beauty of Tuolumne County was so inspiring. What I found even more revealing was the resounding compliments directed toward those businesses that provide tourist oriented services and how helpful and friendly employees were. Even more intriguing was a gentlemen’s comment on how he sensed a community of people who are proud of there heritage and their quality of life.

Well, how does this relate to the Sonora Area Foundation? The Sonora Area Foundation is a key ingredient or better yet, the glue that helps bind our community together through facilitating and addressing many of the needs presented in our community.

Simply said, Sonora Area Foundation was created to help the residents of Tuolumne County by being the brokers of philanthropy for Tuolumne County donors and their causes.

Every community has a desire to provide a higher quality of life for its citizens. Those communities that are the beneficiaries of citizens and/or organization who reinvest in their community are able to provide a greater safety net of services.

Through the eyes of our visitors, they become a true testimony as to what they see, hear and experience in our community. A true sense of a community is reflected by its quality of life. I for one, appreciate hearing the impressions of those who have experience Tuolumne County. We should take these impressions as evidence, both good and bad to help us further hone and define our community.

Sonora Area Foundation values its community and will continue to respond to the needs that are presented as we work together to improve our quality of life. It goes without question, that it is the caring and giving of people in Tuolumne County that make this community so special.