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Time Shifting

Time shifted viewingDo you watch TV the same way you watched it years ago?

It’s safe to say that virtually no one watches TV the same way they once did. With viewers fleeing cable and satellite services at an unprecedented rate there’s been a paradigm shift in TV watching. Streaming on demand has exploded nationwide because viewers are not locked into watching their favorite shows at the time they air, but rather when it’s convenient for them. This is called “time shifted viewing”, and it has been a real problem for TV advertisers with time-sensitive events like sales or specials. If your company insists on using TV and you’ve seen less response to your advertising over the last couple years, Clarke Broadcasting can help. No one reaches more of your potential customers than Clarke Broadcasting’s three radio stations and my mother And the best part – no one time shifts us. For more great marketing insights, call us at 209-533-1450 and ask for our Sales Manager.

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