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Sonora’s Growing Pains

I have heard it from long time residents of Tuolumne county, not just "older" people-  "kids" my age also remember when Sonora only had one stop light.

As this small foothill town grows it is not easy to keep up with all the changes. For those you who traverse Greenly road, my sympathy to you!

Because of ongoing construction on Greenley road and the Sonora Elementary parking lot school has been delayed until August 29th. This shortens the instruction time by five days- and hopefully this winter will be light with no snow days to interfere!

Here is the record and summary so far of news relating to what is going on with Greenley road :

  • Late Night Construction Work (Tuolumne County Public Works is helping to coordinate various construction projects, including the law and justice center infrastructure and the Comcast Cable upgrade.)

To all those with children who start school soon, best of luck! To Sonora Elementary parents, the parking lot will be paved but not completed and it is going to be a challenge to accommodate staff and parents in the morning and a mess picking up in the afternoon!

Hang in there, be patient, put your kids on the bus, use drop off areas and in the end Greenley road will be put back together in far better shape than before. These things just take time!