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Sonora Area Foundation Donor-Advised Funds

Are you community-minded and charitable-hearted? Sonora Area Foundation can work hand in hand with you to match your money to causes you care about through a donor-advised fund (DAF).

Donor-advised funds are flexible charitable vehicles; think of them as charitable savings accounts. DAFs allow quick response to community needs, like Tuolumne County’s summer recreation program’s recent predicament.

The program for children was at risk of being cancelled because the county could not afford the facility-rental fee. The news generated responses from several Foundation donors. Two days later, with grants from four DAFs along with a county supervisor’s donation, Sonora Area Foundation was able to meet the county’s funding shortfall, and the program was saved. (See the article for the full story.)
A donor-advised fund can be established by individuals or organizations to support charitable causes or organizations. Foundation representatives help donors focus in on what they are passionate about, and with extensive knowledge of local organizations and issues, direct donors to where their dollars can make a difference.

We help donors evaluate all aspects of your charitable giving by asking:

  • What do you want to accomplish through your philanthropy?
  • Do you want to start giving immediately or incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan?
  • Will you give cash, securities, real estate or other assets?
  • What issues, programs and organizations do you want to support?

Setting up a donor-advised fund with Sonora Area Foundation is simple: DAFs may be opened with a minimum tax-deductible deposit of $5,000. Donors name the fund and designate advisors. While the Foundation manages the fund and disbursements, donors suggest grants to charitable organizations from their funds with a quick call or email, or we let them know about a need that’s in line with their goals. There are no fees for any of our services.

Why set up a DAF instead of giving directly to charities? Donor-advised funds let donors tap into the Foundation’s expertise on local organizations, issues and needs, helping you navigate seemingly endless charitable choices. Additionally, DAFs are a great way to leave a legacy of philanthropy, and to involve children in the world of charitable giving.

With a Sonora Area Foundation donor-advised fund, you advise, we award and together we accomplish your philanthropic goals.