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Reporting Events

If you haven’t checked out the upcoming event section I invite you to not only take a look but post your own event. has the advantage of a broad and local audience. I won’t bore you with the details, but our traffic statistics are exactly what other community news sites across the nation wish they could get.

At we welcome citizen reporters of news and events. We manage the website to allow written expression on a wide variety of subjects that many people are very opinionated about.

We are happy to do so as long as the opinions expressed are in a civil manner with respect to the equal rights of others to express their views. The most notable example this week was the comment section on the news story Growing Concerns About Dry Winter  which got out of hand very quickly even with pre moderation. The commenter "rider" who has made 94 comments said that people "WHINE like democrats." This is an opinion so it was approved but soon there were three more comments calling him out for whining about whining. Personal attacks aren’t allowed but the situation became very amusing when msdd03, with only four comments said "YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO GROW UP PALEASE"  We agree, and the spelling of please is amusing as well. Fortunately the comments returned to civility.

Do remember that your local radio station is in touch with influential government leaders and we are friends and represent diverse counties with many on both sides of the isle. The video section is available as well to speak your mind on current events. The reporter’s emails are at the bottom of each news story- contact us! Don’t be shy to share your video of local school events, not all parents have video cameras and myMotherLode is a great place to share with the community.