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Radio Advertising

Buying RadioIf you’re considering using radio to advertise your business, take the advice of an expert.

Advertising can be tricky. Where should you put your hard-earned money for the best return on the investment? Over ninety percent of Americans use radio on a weekly basis, so obviously radio is a great marketing opportunity. But be careful. The station you listen to is not necessarily the right one for your business. If you want to hear your commercial, ask me for a copy so you can listen to it as much as you want. Buying a station because you want to hear your commercial is like buying a new car for the new car smell. Along those same lines, your friends are not a real-world barometer of advertising effectiveness. Wouldn’t it be more effective if total strangers tell you they heard your commercial?

Finally, be realistic about your marketing area. Unless your business sells a big-ticket item, you have a limited opportunity to pull customers from the Valley. Concentrate your spending in the area where you have the best chance of reaching customers. For more great marketing insights, call us at 209-533-1450 and ask for our Sales Manager.

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