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Olsen Introduces Measures

Assemblymember Kristin Olsen’s 2012 legislative package introduces measures to reform government, provide regulatory relief and create jobs. She is also carrying bills to respond to district needs and to support veterans.

“My priorities continue to be working to reform government and create jobs, and I have introduced legislation that will advance these goals,” said Olsen. “California’s recovery is dependent upon government operating efficiently and effectively, as well as getting Californians working again. I am authoring commonsense measures that will ensure government is held accountable to taxpayers, and to jump start growth in our jobs market.”

Olsen’s 2012 legislative package includes the following bills:

Government Reform Measures

Elimination of Unnecessary Bureaucracy: Assembly bills 2328 – 2330 will eliminate unnecessary government bureaucracy and save taxpayers money. Specifically, these bills will eliminate the Law Revision Commission (AB 2328), the Commission on the Status of Women (AB 2329), and the Electronic Funds Transfer Task Force (AB 2330), all three of which Governor Brown has proposed to eliminate or consolidate.

Legislative Transparency Act: AB 1730 will increase transparency and accountability in the Legislature by requiring more disclosure of legislative budgets, additional campaign reporting, and added time for public review of legislation.

Job Creation and Regulatory Relief Bills

Roadway Improvements: AB 890 streamlines the process for cities and counties to improve road safety by creating a statutory exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for minor roadway improvements within existing road right-of-way. This measure is currently awaiting a hearing in the Senate.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Projects: AB 2131 will allow cities and counties to invest up to five percent of their Capital Improvement Funds/impact fees in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) projects within their respective jurisdictions, through a revolving loan program established by the municipality.

School Press Boxes: AB 2030 will align California ADA standards for school stadium press boxes with federal standards. Conforming to federal standards will greatly reduce costs for public and private schools who wish to provide small press box facilities.

AED Defibrillators: AB 1666 would more closely align the schedule for routine testing of AEDs with manufacturers’ recommendations, and extend the sunset date so that the mandated ownership of AEDs doesn’t put business owners in danger of civil damages.

Other Measures

Courtroom Reporters: AB 1630 would set new pay levels for courtroom reporters hired in Stanislaus County after January 1, 2013. Stanislaus County is one of only two counties still required to pay courtroom reporters for their transcripts, over and above their base salary. This bill would eliminate that requirement.

Ferguson Slide: AB 1973 will restore full access to State Route 140 (SR140) in Mariposa County through the “Ferguson Slide.” Reconstruction of SR 140 is essential to the health and stability of Mariposa County’s economy.

Waiving Building Fees for Disabled Veterans: AB 1592 will allow local jurisdictions the option of waiving building and inspection permit fees for ADA-type modifications to homes owned by veterans with service-related disabilities.

California American Portuguese Veteran Memorial: AB 1652 will create the California American Portuguese Veterans Memorial in Veterans Grove of the Capitol State Park. The memorial will be funded exclusively through private donations.

For more information on these measures, contact Olsen’s office at (916) 319-2025 or visit