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New TC Business Council President

It is a pleasure to represent the Tuolumne County Business Council as President. I look forward to working closely with the Council Board and Officers: Vice President Cole Przybyla, Treasurer Sam Wheeler, and Executive Director Ron Kopf. I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Darrell Slocum who served as President of the Council for 5 and one half years. Darrell’s commitment to our Council set a unique precedent for tireless hours and understanding of the issues.

The Council is comprised of business leaders who I hold in high regard. They are a diverse group representing dozens of professions and countless organizations in our County. Odds are if you volunteer in any organization represented in our County, there is a Tuolumne County Business Council Member alongside you.

The Business Council meets monthly to educate one another on State, City and County issues. With this education the Council Members can have a positive impact with County residents and decision makers. The current key issues are;
• Hospital Expansion
• Road Improvements
• Tourism
• County General Plan rewrite
• County Development Process
• Law and Justice Center
• Dead and Dying Trees
• Sustainable Water Supply and Distribution
• Co-Generation
• Efficient Land Use
• Housing Development Costs
• Forest Health/Management

The Tuolumne County economy has been highly impacted by the recent fires and drought. The Tuolumne County Business Council sees a role to promote existing business, and support well planned developments and programs of many kinds. A strong business community leads the way to a robust economy with jobs, schools for our children, health and human services for our seniors, affordable homes for our families, and public safety for all.

Written by Glenn Caldwell