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Millions Given In 2018 Grants

Before we say our final farewell to 2018 let’s review what turned out to be a record setting year at Sonora Area Foundation. At our December meeting our Board of Directors approved several grants including the annual year end awards.

The Irving J. Symons Award went to Tuolumne Trails a camp for special needs children located in Groveland and the Elaine Symons Baker Community Impact Award went to the Children’s Holiday Party, a nonprofit organization which has hosted an annual Christmas party at the fairgrounds for disadvantaged Tuolumne County children. These proactive awards came with grant checks of $40,000 to Camp Tuolumne Trails and $10,000 to the Children’s Holiday Party. However, those were not the only grants issued in December.

Hidden Treasures of the Sierras, a nonprofit providing mentoring services to youth housed at the Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, received $10,000, the Highway 108 Fire Safe Council $7,000 and the Humane Society of Tuolumne County was awarded a $12,500 matching grant (which was almost immediately met).

These awards wrapped up a very active year which included other notable grants to: ATCAA Food Bank, Sierra Repertory Theatre, Catholic Charities, TC Superintendent of Schools Office and Give Someone A Chance – too many to list here but the total amount awarded exceeded $2 Million!

A total of 652 grant checks were issued from the Foundation office which surpassed the previous annual total handily. We are blissfully busy and grateful for our donors who have decided to form charitable giving partnerships with the Foundation. We could not achieve these results without their support. As a result of the amazing gift from our founder, Irving J. Symons, we are blessed with significant assets. However, the need in Tuolumne County is great and growing.

By forming partnerships with charitably minded community members, our ability to meet need is extended. What do these donors look like? All shapes and sizes – individuals, couples, families, groups, clubs, organizations and businesses. And all have varied budgets and hearts. However, they share at least one thing in common – a love for Tuolumne County and desire to “do good” and make a difference. We appreciate them all and value these relationships which grew significantly in 2018 with several new donors (29 new charitable giving funds established).

As we take a moment to reflect on last year’s results it appears we are hitting the mark and fulfilling our mission to strengthen our community through assisting donors, making grants and providing leadership. We hope to do more to mobilize the resources of the community to meet the community’s needs. We are up for the challenge. Would you like to help? If so, please call or stop by the Foundation office. We would love to hear from you.